Hillarys Whale Watching

Hillarys Whale Watching is a wonderful time of the year to meet the Humpback Whales on their journey south and today we were surrounded by six curious, cheeky whales. A beautiful morning greeted our arrival in the sightings grounds as a fluke was gracefully held high in the glistening sunshine. Gently approaching we could see four Humpback Whales all travelling together in a rather social pod as mingling unfolded and their attention turned towards us with all four whales turning towards us and beginning a curious approach. All four whales surfaced right on our bow before moving around the vessel for a better look. It was wonderful to be this close to such beautiful whales and we smiled to see they were enjoying themselves on such a beautiful morning.

It appeared they were not the only ones wanting to enjoy the fun as another pod approached with some speed towards our stern. Suddenly we had six whales all around us as they began to socialise and interact within meters of our bow, stern, port and starboard side. The trumpeting and fluke swiping showed an increase in energy which seemed to get the attention of another pod  just ahead who launched into powerful head lunging. Displaying dominance and ensuring these whales wouldn’t come their way the resulting surface activity seemed to work. The pod of six continued on with their social time as we enjoyed our time off Hillarys whale watching on a beautiful day.

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