Hillarys Whales

Hillarys Whales during the early spring is an exciting time to observe adult Humpback Whales on their southbound migration. Today was a picture perfect morning with sunshine and blue Indian Ocean guiding us out to the sighting grounds. A Bottlenose Dolphin and her calf were the first to great us good morning before continuing on with their morning foraging for breakfast. Tall exhales were sighted and as we approached the area six whales surfaced at once, a competition pod was brewing amongst the calm conditions. The boys were trumpeting, bubble veiling and veering towards each other as they chased after the female around our vessel.

The peak of the breeding season is during the winter months with most female whales already pregnant during the spring migration back south. It doesn’t stop the males from competing for the females attention though! The pod continued to compete and at times slip into more social behaviours until another two bachelor males joined as they approached from a distance away. Eight Humpback Whales were now diving and chasing around us in the beautiful conditions as we watched on with awe at the size and power of these incredible whales. Agility comes easily to the Humpbacks as double tail dives showed off their symmetry and every little manoeuvre made to look graceful even though 30+ thousand kilograms of weight is being moved by each whale.

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