Hillarys Whale Watching

It was yet another beautiful day off the coast of Perth and as we made our way from the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour we were met by Hiccups the local Bottlenose Dolphin and a few of his friends actively hunting in the harbour. We soon sighted a sleepy mother and calf enjoying a relax close to the big ship New Life which was lovely to see as we celebrated this new addition to the Western Australian Humpback population. Just off the coast near Hillarys we could see surface activity as three mother and calf pods peduncle slapped and interacted together.

On our arrival we were now surrounded by seven mother and calf pods who were all up to something different, two were trying to avoid the interest of the more boisterous pods that had formed together in a typical “kindergarten” pod. All three calves rolled and twisted as they tried to outdo each other in the Language of the Whales! Eventually one female decided she had to get going which forced the other two mums to physically body block their calves who were still trying to chase after their new friend who was leaving…. the life of a female Humpback Whale can be very similar to most human mums sometimes.

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