Hillarys Whales

Hillarys Whales on a picture perfect day as we found ourselves surrounded by Humpbacks with a powerful pod of eight welcoming us into their pod. Our morning firstly began though with the peaceful company of an escort pod as they ever so calmly cruised through the resting grounds. It was important that we matched that energy as we tagged along with this lovely pod. The individual whom appeared to be the male in this pod would lift his flukes regularly on every dive, revealing his unique fingerprint. Every minute detail can be observed and reflect the unique markings that belong to this individual Humpback Whale. Head lunging on the horizon was the change of energy we were monitoring the horizon for and we gently departed our escort pod, who seemed happy to be resting well away from that surface activity!

Upon our arrival we could see this was a very large convergence of whales with eight in total swimming together and a further 2-5 pods on the periphery. These big, boisterous adults were having some fun in the sun as Hillarys Whales hung out off the coast of Perth. Approaching our vessel, we were soon surrounded as spy hops ensued and curious approaches followed. Simply sensational to be welcomed into a pod of so many unique characters as one whale in particular showed a missing dorsal fin from a previous interaction with Orca. It didn’t cause any shy personality as this young whale was the most easy going of them all, twisting and swivelling amongst everyone with belly to the sky on many occasions. A triple spy hop was superb as the symmetry amongst these playful whales grew and it felt as though we were part of the Humpback waltz. Every day is unique and no two tours are the same, a wonderful opportunity of being in the right place at the right time to share this moment with the whales and our wonderful guests.

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