How About Those Dolphins

We had a real treat yesterday to see two different species of dolphins on our afternoon tour and a glorious afternoon on Geographe Bay. First pod sighted was Common Dolphins with their beautiful yellow belly and the pod of six individuals had two mother and calf pairs who came right up to the bow to say hello. On our way back into the marina our local Bottlenose mother and calf were busy feeding in the shallow waters and the young calves dorsal fin has healed significantly from last year.

Very quiet on the bay for Humpback activity with two individuals sighted but were keeping a very low profile as they patiently wait for the weather to warm up and a few more of their mates to arrive in the bay before heading back to Antarctica. Many cormorants were on the marina wall during the late afternoon and we lost count of them all but a very fun view of these big birds looking like they are all wearing their finest Tuxedos!

ID Log
Date – 17.9.16
Species – Common Dolphin
Lat – 33 . 47. 74 Long – 115 . 19 . 56
Notes – Pod of 6 individuals, two mother/calf pairs