How Many Whales Visit Augusta?

How many Whales visit Augusta? During the annual Humpback Whale migration there are over 45,000 whales that visit Augusta with anywhere from 100 to 300 Humpbacks moving through Flinders Bay everyday from June to mid July. It is an exciting location to go whale watching as the arrivals bring much energy and enthusiasm after a long swim from Antarctica it is rewarding for them to enjoy the shelter and protection Flinders Bay provides. Departing the Augusta Boat Harbour we had only just made our way into the bay when two tall blows appeared just ahead as our first pod for the morning was sighted. Relaxed and curious the pod was meandering through the shallow waters as the local Bottlenose Dolphins also arrived on scene to check things out. It was interesting to watch as both species moved past each other with the Humpback Whales listening intently to the bay around them, scanning the area we could see at least a dozen or more Whales heading towards our location. 

The Humpbacks decided it was time to clear some space around them and build their reactionary distance as they pushed out towards the reef line. The other pods had now arrived in the area including three very playful individuals who were twisting and rolling amongst the abalone farm. Approaching our bow belly up and completely relaxed the female in the pod was being very cheeky as she flirted with the two young male Humpbacks accompanying her through the farm. Further pods moved in on the area and it was fantastic to see the entire bay filled with the energy and enthusiasm of migrating Humpback Whales. The importance of Augusta for the annual migration is vital as a resting ground, socialising ground and navigational aid to the thousands of Whales who visit and move through the waters of Flinders Bay every June to August. It is always wonderful to see the bay alive with whales and today we could certainly see at least 100+ Humpback Whales moving through the bay before continuing their northbound journey towards the Kimberley.

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