Humpback and Bottlenose Dolphin Interaction

Humpback and Bottlenose Dolphin interaction to kickstart the week as curious, playful juvenile Humpback Whales socialised with the local Bottlenose Dolphins in Augusta. Winter is fast approaching as the last days of autumn are enjoyed with a cosy cloud cover escorting us out to the sighting grounds this morning. Shortly after departing the Augusta Boat Harbour we met our first curious Humpback who was a young yearling exploring the shallows of Flinders Bay. Cruising slowly we noticed as he changed course and began to move with focus towards an area just ahead of us, the Dolphins were in town! It was playtime as the Humpback and Dolphins twisted and rolled together with much enthusiasm in the calm conditions. The yearlings are always looking for an opportunity to socialise as they spend their days exploring our coastline and learning all about the areas they visit. It was now time for the young male Humpback to move back in towards the centre of the bay as we approached a second pod just ahead of him.

It was a young female Humpback Whale this time and she was entertaining herself with a seaweed facial. Lifting up each clump of seaweed carefully before swivelling upside down we watched on with plenty of giggles as she showed off her seaweed moves. It shows how sensitive these whales are towards everything in their environment including the smallest amounts of seaweed that make the perfect toys to keep themselves entertained. She came over to investigate the Steep Point and we could see every barnacle and scar as she looked us over with much interest. The Bottlenose Dolphins had returned and it was playtime again as they mingled together and it was the perfect way to start our week with these beautiful cetaceans. Wishing her well for the long migration ahead we noticed the young male Humpback from earlier was now heading her way and we hoped that these two would make the perfect match prior to leaving the protection of Flinders Bay.

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