Humpback Annual Migration

Humpback annual migration can be seen every year along the Australian coastline in winter and spring. The winter is dedicated to the northern migration as the Humpback Whales make their journey north to warmer waters before the change of season signals it’s time to head south again. Spring is all about the southbound Humpback annual migration as we see all the whales who passed our coastline heading north a few weeks ago now heading back south happily. The feeding season will soon begin and that is something very exciting for a Humpback Whale especially the teenagers whose appetite seems endless. Today we enjoyed the company of our first pod of two who were new arrivals and slowly swimming further into the resting grounds.

Travelling with them was a small pod of 2-4 Bottlenose Dolphins who were so much smaller in comparison to these much larger whales. It was a steady and relaxed swim and during our time with these Humpback Whales we also met a beautiful Loggerhead Turtle. It is always special to see a turtle in the waters off Rottnest Island as the Loggerheads often follow the Leeuwin current south which means we have the occasional and wonderful sighting of these most wonderful sea creatures. Our last pod for the day was a lone yearling who was very quietly resting but seemed curious of our vessel. Approaching us slowly we could see the youngster take a couple of looks our way and surface very close on our stern. Wishing this lovely young whale an enjoyable afternoon ahead we returned back to the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour as we enjoyed the most beautiful start to Spring 2022!

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