Humpback Bay

We were starting to call Flinders Bay a new name today, Humpback Bay! There were so many Whales sighted from early in the morning till late in the evening as we watched dozens of Humpbacks continually moving through the bay. During their migration we do see, just like traffic on a freeway, the ebbs and flows of the Humpback Whales arrival in the bay and today was definitely peak hour!

Humpbacks communicated with breaches, peduncle slaps and head lunges as the males defended their females and the cheeky juveniles enjoyed interacting with everyone. The huge exhalations of Humpbacks Whales can be 3-4 meters in height and look just like mist on the waters surface which can be very easy to sight even from a great distance away. Watching carefully throughout Flinders Bay we could see these tall exhalations everywhere we looked and it certainly is a real pleasure seeing so many healthy, happy Humpbacks on the the forward bound migration.

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