Humpback Breaching Off Perth

We had a variety of age groups today as we met both adult and sub-adult Humpbacks enjoying some time in Perth. The adults had enjoyed their rest and were now off on a mission to complete the next leg of a long journey back to Antarctica as we watched the consistent movement of a migrating pod of two moving quickly past Rottnest Island. Later on in our journey we were almost jumping as high as the juvenile Humpback next to us who decided he wanted to come over and check us out, it was the closest full body breach we have ever experienced as he rocketed towards us!  Our guests onboard Julia & Matti captured the beautiful images of this incredible moment.

Humpbacks will breach for a number of different reasons depending on the situation and this breach seemed purely for having a really good look at us. Their eyesight is fantastic both above and below the surface allowing them a perfect view of their surroundings and when you need to check out what is happening at the surface big breach will provide this. After his big breach only meters away and with momentum moving towards us this young Humpback then raced around our vessel with playful energy while we all tried to recover from our shock of seeing the most magnificent aerobatic maneuver ever performed by a Humpback Whale!

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