Humpback Calf born in Flinders Bay Arrives in Ningaloo Reef

We are the happiest whale watchers in the world today! We have received some wonderful news that one of the little Humpback calves sighted in Flinders Bay 10 days ago has successfully arrived in the nursery grounds in Ningaloo. Thank you to Ningaloo Aviation for capturing the very important images that allowed us to reidentify mother and calf. The perseverance of this female to her calf shows that every female Humpback is dedicated to their little ones and even though they didn’t get off to a great start she never gave up on her calf and is now in much warmer waters which are critical to the survival of Mini Oreo.

This little one was nicknamed Mini Oreo when we first sighted him as he has an uncanny resemblance to Oreo the big male Humpback who was sighted earlier on in the season… perhaps it is his dad? Either way we are jumping for joy this morning and a perfect example of the importance that identification images have in helping us to better understand and learn more about the lives and individual stories of each Humpback Whale.