Humpback Calf in Flinders Bay

Our Humpback Calf in Flinders Bay, little Sunny Flynn was re-sighted today much to everyones delight onboard! We had not seen him for a while and today when we watched a tiny dorsal fin surface next to an adult whale we were very excited to see Sunny looking comfortable next to mum and his skin pigmentation showing signs of darkening which is great news. Watching them carefully we noticed as mum gently swam towards our vessel as Sunny stayed on her left side which showed a great trust from mum. We wished them well as they continued their journey through Flinders Bay and we wonder if they will decide to remain here or continue to migrate further north into some warmer water.

Further adult Humpbacks were sighted with an escort pod moving towards the reef line in preparation for the next step of their migration. We are always amazed to watch how these whales who not long ago were strangers to each other, swim perfectly together and this is largely thanks to the male Humpback mirroring the movements of the female. Two Australian Sea Lions, one large male and a smaller female, appeared just in front of our bow and we watched with great amusement as they chased and splashed with wonderful agility. Our first solo pregnant female was sighted later in the morning migrating through the sheltered areas of Flinders Bay and she was very wide and looking like a whale on a mission as she makes her way to warmer water. Although we love re-sighting Sunny it is much preferred to see a Humpback Calf in Flinders Bay make its way to warmer water.

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