Humpback Calf Investigates Whale Watch WA

A tiny Humpback Calf decided to come over and investigate us this morning as he travelled along with his mum and decided some people watching was a great way to spend their Friday morning! Mum also had some company with her as we noticed a young sub adult Humpback travelling with her and appeared to be trying to act as an escort. Still very young, this cheeky juvenile performed a couple of impressive peduncle slaps and was closely tagging along with mother and calf. The energy from mum was very relaxed as the large female moved towards us and swam directly towards our bow while bringing baby along with her. The Humpback Calf loved the opportunity to sit on mums back as she gently approached us so both could get a better look, much to our delight and enjoyment.

The juvenile also approached and it was a special moment to have all three curiously investigating us, most focused was certainly the young calf who appeared mesmerised by the vessel. After a little while it was back on the move again as mum carefully journeyed towards a sheltered part of the coast to relax and enjoy the approaching weekend. The mother and calf slowed at one stage with the surface activity and down time indicating he was having a feed from mum. Consuming up to 360 litres of milk each day it is incredible to imagine that quantity multiplied over days and weeks, the sustenance being provided by mum allowing this calf to grow and prosper through out the next 12 months.

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