Humpback Calf Off Rottnest

We had a re-sighting of the Humpback calf and his mum from yesterday this morning and although mum was enjoying a sleep her little one seemed to recognise us and was a bit playful! Gently rolling on the surface and a couple of gentle lifts of his rostrum and pectoral fin out of the water to get a quick look he certainly had us watching him closely as he tried his best to play without waking up mum.

Calves are happily feeding on mums milk during the entire migration but poor mum has to simply rely on her blubber reserves until she returns to Antarctica, this means her tank of “fuel” is currently getting closer to empty. It is very important that she spends a lot of time resting and conserving her blubber supplies. Understandably, the calves will have plenty of energy and love playing, interacting and socialising whenever they get a chance and with whoever they (and most importantly mum) see as a friendly playmate!

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