Humpback Calves Fremantle

The baby Humpbacks were making a bit of a splash today as one little fellow decided he would spend his morning playing with a pod of Bottlenose Dolphins and he made sure to show off all of his tricks including peduncle slap, tail slap and even a breach over his mums back! The energetic Dolphins raced around him and he seemed a bit tired after this special interaction and disappeared for a few minutes before returning to the surface full of energy again… someone must have just had a feed of mums yummy milk.

Three other calves were also sighted today and a pod of two young adults which gave a very impressive size comparison of just how big these babies will grow to be one day. The population is approximately 50/50 with half male and half female Humpbacks, however when fully grown the females tend to be slightly larger than the males so she can carry more weight to ensure the survival of their calves and a plentiful milk supply.

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