Humpback Castaway

Fremantle Whale Watch

Humpback Castaway as a mother whale waved to a passing ship reminding us of a familiar scene from the movie Castaway. Our morning began with an azure blue Indian Ocean surrounding us as we approached our first pod for the morning of a relaxed mother and calf. It was great to see them both relaxed and enjoying the peaceful spot they had found away from the other pods. Wishing them well we moved out towards an area we could see more pods were congregating in as the energy started to build. Mothers began to head lunge, fluke slap and pec slap as the multiple pods communicated amongst each other. The calves revelled in the opportunity to socialise with the others as they showed off towards each other before curiously approaching our stern. It was a beautiful morning to enjoy some fantastic weather and curious Humpback Whales.

Hillarys Whale Watch

A refreshing afternoon breeze rippled across the surface as we departed the Hillarys Boat Harbour and made our way towards powerful tail slapping. It was a mother and her calf practicing the Language of the Whales as the mother would pec slap perfectly and her calf followed up with some fluke slapping. The practicing continued as they moved further into the resting grounds before settling into focus mode as a ship moved past in the shipping channel. The mother whale calmly stopped and rolled onto her back to continue pec slapping. The moment reminded us of the scene from the movie Castaway as the ship traveled past so closely to these relaxed whales who gracefully lifted her pectoral to wave as the ship went past. Two more mothers and calves had covered some distance during that time and joined with our original pod. The young calves excitedly followed each other with one of the calves showing off with some impressive breaching towards the others. A busy afternoon which had us smiling as we could imagine the mother Humpback Whale calling out,” Wilson!” as the ship moved past in a Humpback Castaway scene.

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