Humpback Clouds

Breaking news today… Humpback Whales create their own weather system! Yes sir, when you have twenty Humpbacks in a Competition Pod it creates many exhalations in one small area which from a distance looks very much like a large, moving cloud. The largest competition pod we have sighted in Flinders Bay could be seen from a long distance away as twenty Humpbacks surfaced together and the sea was bubbling as we watched them race into the bay, pushing and shoving. There were so many they looked more like a pod of Dolphins moving together at the surface, not 20 thirty ton Humpbacks

Earlier today on our morning experience we also sighted breaching and a very socially active pod who had one individual rolling over at the surface. A very special whale we met this afternoon after the incredible experience with the Competition Pod was a large adult whale who has survived a very serious Orca attack that happened when she was very young. The bite wound can clearly be seen and this Humpback almost lost the right hand side of her fluke. However, she is clearly a fighter and her injury has healed over time and today we saw the joy of persistence as she breached, peduncle slapped, pec slapped and even tail slapped with ease… to see a whale that was close to losing her life at such a young age now fully grown and happily breaching away made her surface activity all that more special to see.

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