Humpback + Dolphin = Fun!

After a weekend of bad weather it was absolutely wonderful to be back out on Flinders Bay and our gorgeous whales gave us the most wonderful welcome back! On both our morning and afternoon tours we had Humpback whales interacting with Dolphin pods and then turning their full attention to us.

Approaching our vessel you could clearly see all of the tiny details on our whales from their unique rostrums to the barnacles on their tail flukes. As one of our guests said today the question on everyones mind was, “are we watching the whales or are they watching us!”. The curiosity of our Humpbacks usually gets the better of them and they will often come over and introduce themselves to us which is always a very exciting moment.

The Dolphin and Humpback interaction today was fantastic and a wonderful visual of just how agile and well adapted our Humpbacks are in their ocean environment as they twisted and turned with the Dolphins who looked tiny compared to them!

ID Log
Date – 12.7.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 34 . 22. 23 Long – 115 . 12 . 85
Notes – Unique marking on right tail fluke