Humpback Migration Corridor

Humpback migration corridor is an important part of the southbound journey as thousands of Humpback Whales move past the Perth coastline. It was a beautiful morning to be out on the water with calm conditions and a big blue sky as we moved out into the sighting grounds and were soon surrounded by dozens of whales. There were eight mother and calf pods within 300 meters of us and we watched carefully as each pod managed to move calmly without getting too close to the others. Further pods were just ahead as well and it was only a matter of time before these Humpbacks would start communicating amongst each other. The breaching, tail lobbing and pec slapping began and didn’t stop for the rest of the tour as multiple pods called out to each other from far and wide. The calves were thrilled to have so many playmates surrounding them and excitedly joined in the conversation as the surface activity spread from one pod to the next.

The Humpback migration corridor is a pathway many whales will follow and as any traffic on a freeway will reflect there are always ebbs and flows to the movement of traffic. Today was a very busy day on the Humpback migration corridor with between 80-100 Humpback Whales moving through the resting grounds we were visiting. There were so many mothers and calves which made us all smile to see the next generation thriving and exploring their new backyard. One calf had perfect timing as the little one launched into a full body breach as mother whale head lunged creating an impressive sight. The young calves learn from birth the importance of staying close to mum and this can also be seen during powerful surface displays. Side by side and moving as one the sight of mothers and calves working together always makes our day to see.

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