Humpback Mum and Calf off Fremantle

A Humpback mum and calf off Fremantle today welcomed us into their little family as they swam around us repeatedly for a close and intimate interaction. It was a beautiful morning and as we departed a gentle exhale could be sighted just ahead as Bottlenose Dolphins cruised past on our starboard side. A mother Humpback Whale and her gorgeous calf surfaced as they gently cruised through the area and we watched from afar as we took time to get to know this pod. A trust was built and while we were still at the surface we could see mother whale tours towards us and make her way towards our bow. Mother and calf both surfaced only meters away and decided it was time to have a good look as they moved underneath and around us continuously.

Moving towards our stern she would then spin and make her way back towards the bow, throughout each circle mother and calf would gently exhale. It is always thrilling to build such a special bond with any wild whale and especially when working with a mother whale and her newborn. Completely at ease and not in any hurry to leave the curious interaction continued until mother whale began to gently move off and we tiptoed away from the area, hopefully now would be a good time for calf to have a feed of milk and sleep. Adult Humpback Whale pods perused the area around the mother and calf pod as they spread through the sighting grounds and we enjoyed a special day with them all including and trusting and intimate interaction with our Humpback mum and calf off Fremantle.

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