Humpback Nursery Grounds

The Humpback nursery grounds found off Perth are a temporary location that pops up during mid September to December every year. Playing a vitally important role to the southern migration, these trusted resting grounds turn into the perfect Humpback nursery ground for the calves to rest and play. Today we met two mothers and their precious calves quietly resting and enjoying the morning sunshine. Both females were at different age groups, the first cow/calf pod we met was the mature female. Her size indicated that she was on the older side, close on 14-15 meters in length and with an almost 4.5 meters fluke. Her age could be anywhere from early twenties upwards and it was lovely to meet this relaxed mum and her excited little calf. 

He spent a bit of time popping up to the surface to have a quick look at us before swimming back down towards mum. It wasn’t long before he seemed to convince mum to gently escort him over so he could have a closer look. The large female looked back towards us as she gently approached with her little one resting on her pectoral, swimming closer and closer towards everyone onboard. The second female we met was younger and it looked very likely that this was one of her first calves, possibly even her first. A special moment to meet these precious calves who at only 3-4 months old already have the life of a Humpback fairly well understood for this section of their migration and the importance the temporary Humpback nursery grounds role is to the success of their journey.

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