Humpback Season 2020 Begins

Humpback Season 2020 begins today and what a fantastic way to celebrate the start of the season on a beautiful WA Day with our spectacular Humpbacks. The morning was perfectly still and it was wonderful to be back in Augusta and welcoming our guests onboard for a very exciting day. Departing the Augusta Boat Harbour it once again revealed why Flinders Bay is such a special location to view the whales, up ahead was the gentle and tall exhalation of a Humpback Whale. Our first special meeting for season 2020 and this lovely little juvenile was curious and in the mood to play as she pursued the company of local Bottlenose Dolphins. Twisting and turning with them, she moved in closer to the coastline enjoying some socialising. After the last few weeks we can certainly appreciate how a long trip from Antarctica can leave our juvenile Humpbacks in search of some companionship and social time upon their arrival in Flinders Bay. We also enjoyed the company of two Humpbacks travelling together with the male surprising everyone as he launched into an enormous full body lunge just off our port side, season 2020 has started with a bang!

The afternoon conditions were just as beautiful and the whales had now moved further into the bay, soon we found ourselves surrounded by curious teenager Humpbacks who were playful and relaxed. Our first cheeky fellow was enjoying some social time with two others as they all played together in the seaweed, lifting it up on their sensitive rostrums. Eventually those two continued moving towards the reef line as the uniquely marked juvenile approached and began to investigate us instead. Swimming underneath our bow and spinning around to look back towards us, we could hear the beautiful exhalations so clearly on the first winters day of the year. Further whales began to move in towards the same area and we watched on as two rambunctious juveniles were playing and one sent up a powerful tail lob as a third whale lingered only 100 meters away.

The Language of the Whales was well and truly flowing with a perfect WA Day to celebrate with our Pod Members the joy of being with Western Australia’s whales again. Humpback season 2020 begins and the story of this years migration is starting to unfold, stay tuned for more.

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