Humpback, Southern Right and Dolphins

Humpback Whales, Southern Right Whale and Bottlenose Dolphins were sighted today in Augusta. A super surprise as to sight all three cetaceans in one day is rather special indeed! Beginning our morning with a young male Humpback who approached our vessel curiously and bobbed up on our starboard side before swimming directly underneath our bow to the port. Coming in incredibly close and really having a good look he disappeared for a few moments and suddenly launched into a huge peduncle lob, and then an incredible break just meters from our bow! Showing off he quickly returned to spend some more time circling us and having a look at everyone onboard. A tall blow just up ahead caught our attention and as we approached the jet back, silky smooth fluke of a special whale species was recognised. Our second Southern Right Whale sighting for the season and how wonderful to see another early sighting, a young whale with a pretty white spot on her back. A different individual from the first sighting on the 31st of May and we watched as she began to make her way towards the sheltered coastline. Looking for a comfy place to spend some rest time she would gracefully lift her fluke as she approached the domain of the Southern Right Whales when visiting Augusta. Our afternoon was set to be just as special when a cheeky young female Humpback approached and completed our special cetacean sighting day as she joined with the local Bottlenose Dolphins for some play time. They twisted and turned as he navigated her way through the abalone farm, checking everything out as she went. Our friendly Southern Right Whale was also enjoying an early “bedtime” as she settled into her little safe spot in Flinders Bay for the afternoon and we celebrated a very special sighting day.

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