Humpback Tail Dives at Rottnest

Our first big adult Humpbacks arrived today and their sheer size and sound created a presence everywhere they went! One of the nearby juveniles breached with some rather long hang time but this still didn’t attract the attention of these two big whales who decided we could join their pod for a while. Swimming around and under us, they made sure that the younger crowd of juvenile Humpbacks (who seemed a bit too curious in them) couldn’t hear them by hiding near our sound footprint, these Humpbacks are just so smart.

Heading further into September we will start to see the arrival of the larger Humpbacks with many females now pregnant after a successful northern migration. These adults no longer need to spend further time in the warm tropical waters but now need to start refuelling their bodies as the males prepare for another northern migration of competition pods and the pregnant females store as much possible fat to nourish both themselves and their calves for calving season 2018, the busy lives of our Humpbacks just keep ticking!

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