Humpback Whale Conversations

Humpback Whale conversations take place frequently and we are always amazed to witness the surface activity which often goes along with the Language of the Whales. Today large tail slapping first captured our interest and upon our approach we noticed three adult Humpbacks charging towards us with much energy. A small competition pod was underway and with all the bachelor males we have noticed over the last couple of days it was inevitable before a comp pod would take place. It appeared a male escort who was travelling with his female had been challenged by a newcomer and we watched on as they trumpeted, bubble veiled and fluke swiped. It is late in the season for this type of activity so the duration of this competition pod did not last too long before the challenging male decided his limited energy reserves were best spent elsewhere. The victorious male was pleased to have kept his female and they both relaxed their heart rate after the mornings excitement. 

Just up ahead a mother and her calf had been watching everything unfold in the distance. Adorably, the Humpback calf began to tail lob and even did a few inverted tail slaps which was very talented at his young age. Only 3-4 months old but already completely understanding the Language of the Whales as he performed the correct dominant behaviours to start up his Humpback Whale conversations. A couple of breaches were also thrown in for good measure just to let those big adults know who was boss! A gorgeous calf who also has survived an Orca attack this season from fresh scarring sighted on his fluke. The escort pod spun around and left the cheeky calf and his caring mum to continue their morning. Distractions out of the way the romantic male escort decided it was a good time to flirt away to his girl and began to pec slap along with showing off his belly to her in flirtatious courtship behaviour.

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