Humpback Whale Fingerprints

Humpback Whale fingerprints are unique to each individual as we study the underside of every fluke to identify each whale we meet. Today was simply beautiful as we departed the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour the local Bottlenose Dolphins were busy foraging for breakfast. Cruising towards the sighting grounds we could observe many pods congregating including a fun pod of three young adults. Grace could see from her drone these three were chasing after each other as they approached us for a better look with much curiosity. The mothers and calves in the area were keeping a close eye on this boisterous pod but seemed relaxed to continue migrating.

Two mothers and their calves were swimming happily together which was unique to observe as they tend to travel separately. Sometimes these pods can travel together for a short time or longer depending on the individuals and their character. The energy changed dramatically as the mother and calf to our port side exploded into breaching and head lunging which created an instant response from the pod of three adults. Beginning to peduncle slap and fluke slap repeatedly the pod just ahead of them responded with peduncle slaps of their own. It was a mother, calf and male escort who seemed confident in their response to the three cheeky adult whales. A lovely morning observing beautiful behaviour and documenting Humpback Whale fingerprints as a flying fish whizzed past to complete our special day.

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