Humpback Whale Flukes

Humpback Whale Flukes gracefully surrounded us today as the glassy conditions perfectly suited the movements of our Humpback Whales. Joining with a female Humpback and her male escort who both gently approached us curiously. The female seemed most focused on us as she gently swam towards and then underneath our bow. The male was watching her closely and as she began to show more and more interest towards us, he decided to let out a big trumpet exhalation and a little tail swipe. This dominant behaviour was telling us that this was his girl and not to get any ideas, he needn’t worry though because we wouldn’t dare take his girl away from him!

They continued to cruise past Rottnest Island as a further three pods surrounded us with graceful tail dives being spotted in the mirror like conditions. It was so very calm that a little Fairy penguin was even sighted today as she briefly popped up for a quick look before racing back towards the baitfish she was chasing. The escort pod continued to swim right alongside us as they managed to keep away from the other two pods just up ahead. Hiding in our sound footprint was a clever tactic and even as the Humpback Whale flukes were raised just up ahead, the separate pods lost track of the escort pod swimming next to us. Stealthy tactics need to be used in such calm conditions, a peaceful day with even the slightest ripple causing a beautiful pattern.

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