Humpback Whale Migration Mood

It was Humpback Whale migration mood this morning as we joined over twenty Humpbacks with one thing on their mind… migration time! A beautiful day may have inspired these whales to get a wiggle on and pod by pod they began to move out of the resting grounds. There was a distinctive energy amongst the whales indicating possible predation in the area. We wondered if the Rottnest Orca Pod had been successful further offshore with any hunting attempts and was the energy around us a result from this flow on effect. Joining with a pod of two adults we watched as they calmly and purposely slipped into Humpback Whale migration mood.

Regular downtimes of 5-8 minutes with 3-4 breathes at the surface was the pattern we watched as all of the pods around us seemed to move as one. It was amazing to watch as two adults carefully navigated their way through a long line of over twenty cray pots that were blocking their path. Patient and not rushed, they waited for a gap in the placement of the pots to carefully swim through and continue on with the day without any further risk of entanglement. A special time was spent with a mother and her precious calf in the shallows not far from Rottnest Island as they both gently cruised in under eight meters of water. The young calf was very curious towards us as he would swim over the top of mums back to get to the other side for a closer look. A beautiful day with beautiful whales as we wished to follow them all the way to Antarctica and beyond!

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