Humpback Whale Seaweed Facials

Humpback Whale seaweed facials was the scene today as the waters off Perth turned into a whale day spa right on our bow! It was another picture perfect spring morning as we made our way past Rottnest Island and were soon in the wonderful company of mothers and calves. Relaxed and enjoying the calm conditions we could see one of the mums begin to pec slap as she called in the attention of nearby pods. Soon her flirty language eased and it wasn’t long before we could see why as a short distance away a bachelor pod of four were moving towards the resting grounds. They were an excitable pod as we could see they were also travelling with the local Bottlenose Dolphins as all 20+ cetaceans were having an absolute ball.

The dolphins had recently had a good feed as sleepy Gannets rested nearby on the surface as a few fish jumped nervously, it looked like everyone had a good feed earlier this morning. The dolphins were very playful as they approached the bow and encouraged the Humpback Whales to follow. Eventually two of the boys continued south as they meandered further into the resting grounds as the other two spied seaweed. A favourite way to spend some time we often see all age groups of Humpback Whales enjoying a seaweed facial. These two were very excited as they twisted, rolled and trumpeted their excitement for all to hear. Their attention then turned towards us as they came right alongside and welcomed us into the seaweed party. Humpback Whales have very sensitive skin and the tubercles on their rostrum are also extremely sensitive to touch so the sensation of a seaweed massage is very nice for these happy whales. It was a very special interaction and one we will remember, to be welcomed to Join The Pod with these lovely whales and dolphins to enjoy a morning of socialising and play is always a great privilege.

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