Humpback Whale Tinder

Humpback Whale Tinder unfolded in front of our eyes today as a beautiful female Humpback, named Bella after one of our young Pod Members onboard, began to communicate her Tinder bio in the Language of the Whales™. Bella’s brother commented ‘this is like Whale Tinder‘, and over the next hour or so, that is exactly what we witnessed. Our attention was fist drawn to the enormous plumes of white water appearing on the horizon and as we approached she began to breach again and again towards our bow, it felt like she would land and completely cover us in refreshing Southern Ocean. A few breaches later males began to move towards her and that was when she began to pec slap, it appeared she was swiping right! A very good pickup from the young gentleman onboard who commented that the morning was unfolding just like Tinder. The male who had approached followed her everywhere as her breaching continued, eventually she allowed the young male to approach and it appeared that Bella had found her match! These two lovebirds began to swim off together as we noticed a commotion just behind us beginning.

Turning around it appeared the Tinder themed morning was still underway as another younger female also began to breach and this time we decided to name her Milly after one of our youngest Pod Members onboard. Milly had three males following her and as she breached we watched as all four Humpbacks spun and began to swim directly towards us. We held our breath and waited for the next surfacing when a sudden, “whoosh” erupted right next to us as one of the males surged up from the depths as the others followed. A beautifully timed double breach appeared just up ahead as the incredible energy spread through the pods also in the near vicinity. They twisted and turned right next to us as the males puffed up their muscles and displayed strength towards each other. The Humpback Whale Tinder stories unfolded around us and it was an incredibly fascinating morning to observe the spectacular behaviour from these magnificent whales. Bella’s brother named the energy perfectly today… just like Humpback Whale Tinder!

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