Humpback Whales Double Tail Dive off Perth

A glorious morning in Perth today as we sighted pod after pod of mothers and calves, a lone flying fish and a big bachelor pod of five male Humpbacks. There were so many Humpback Whales around everywhere we looked and it was exciting to observe a range of different behaviours such as logging, migrating and a small competition pod begin to form. A photo sequence captured today on camera is a favourite moment for many whale watchers as two of the males timed a perfect double tail dive and it was a big 10/10!

Many of the mothers and calves today were either resting or moving away from the bachelor pod of males, one female even used our vessel as a block to hide next to for a short time while the second pod past them. The males were certainly focused as they chased after an escort pod and it was very interesting to see this type of pod today as the competition pods and heat runs often tend to be more commonly sighted earlier on in the migration when there are more available females actively looking for a mate. Perhaps this female and her calf were hoping for a strong male who could help them on a safe passage along their southern migration.

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