Humpback Whales in August

The Humpback Whales in August are making the final push to their northern nursery grounds as the majority of the population are now resting up in the Kimberly region or spending some relax time in places like Broome. There are over 40,000 Humpbacks in the WA population and as it continues to grow we have noticed a steady movement of Humpbacks continuing to head north even as we head towards mid August. Today we had escort pods and one heavily pregnant female enjoying some time in Flinders Bay and preparing for the next stage of their journey. The pregnant female was travelling on her own and steadily making her way towards the reef line with much focus, her baby will need warm water found further north to welcome her calf to the world.

Journeying across the bay we felt as if we were being watched when suddenly mini torpedoes launched alongside us, we had been surprised by cheeky Common Dolphins! In a mood of play, they swam all around us porpoising as they went, some good bow riding was in order. They spent over forty minutes dancing with us across the bay and even as we spent some time with a few Humpbacks it still didn’t stop the three amigos bow riding and showing off their acrobatic skills. Just before returning to port our Humpbacks began an energy change as a few breaches and a fairly relaxed head lunge began the surface activity seen in the Language of the Whales™.

Our afternoon also sighted the steady movements of escort pods as the local Bottlenose Dolphins made a quick approach on the other side of the Humpbacks before continuing on with their foraging. The male that was travelling with his female gently rolled to his side and gave her the flirty belly look… not sure how impressed she was though! They continued on to the other side of the bay before enjoying some relax time together. Further escort pods ranged from young to mature adults travelled though the bay as we joined with them and got to know their unique personalities. Our afternoon completed with two enormous adults who seemed so relaxed in each others company and we smiled to see as they mimicked each others movements perfectly.

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