Humpback Whales in the Perth Rain

We were surrounded by whales and gentle rain today as off in the distance enormous peduncle slaps told us that our Humpbacks were communicating to each other. Approaching we met three separate pods who were all in the middle of a deep conversation and all eight whales seemed very excited about the rainy weather! A pod of four then joined us and after a bit of chasing the three remaining Humpbacks were a young male, female and her male escort. Having been accepted into their pod we watched in awe as three beautiful whales danced around our vessel in the gentle September rain.

They continued to chase each other around our vessel for over an hour as the younger male made moves to impress the female , but of course her male escort would have none of that! Plenty of bubble veils and trumpeting was sighted today and it was a perfect opportunity for our guests to learn the Language of the Whales. Such a close encounter with three Humpbacks is a true privilege and we learn so much from these experiences.

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