Humpback Whales off Cottesloe Beach

We were watching Humpback Whales off Cottesloe Beach this morning as a mother and her calf had the company of a few male Humpbacks. Arriving to sight a bit of a commotion on the surface as the young calf twisted and turned, lifting his little pectoral and white belly above the waters surface. Mum was right alongside and keeping a watchful eye over the two sub adults who they were interacting with. One of the individuals was only small, between 2-8 years of age while his travel buddy was a little bit older, around 8-12 years old. Excited at the opportunity to socialise with a mature female Humpback and were cheekily rolling towards her and showing off their belly.

Her calf seemed not too pleased that these strange whales were trying to steal mums attention and the little one tried out a few dominant tail lobs. A defensive behaviour to establish authority and let the sub adults know that this was his mum and mobile milk bar! The adults changed energy suddenly and began to move out of the area quickly, a large adult was moving quickly towards them. It took about fifteen minutes but eventually this new and much larger male escort made his way over to the female which caused the sub adults to move off begrudgingly… a few tail lobs from them for good measure. The mother and calf now seemed pleased to be with their new male escort and settled down to rest as Humpback Whales off Cottesloe Beach enjoy doing.

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