Humpback Whales off Cottesloe

Watching Humpback Whales off Cottesloe on a beautiful Monday morning is a rather nice way to start the week! Our first sighting was of a powerful tail slap and approaching the area we could quickly see why. Two large adults, most likely a male and female escort pod, had been approached by a younger Humpback who was very curious. Plenty of fun was had as these three whales got to know each other with the younger addition rolling around and showing off his belly to everyone. Behind us we noticed movement and as we spun our heads around to look we could see the dark shadow of a fast moving Humpback racing towards us.

This fourth whale had also become attracted towards this growing pod and had used the sound of our vessel to sneak up on the three amigos. The large male didn’t allow him to arrive unnoticed completely though and we watched on as he used his powerful body to block the approaching whale. The slight dominate interaction amongst the four eventually established who was boss and they continued to interact together until eventually the original male and female escort pod remained. Also sighted today were two big, sleepy adults who were soaking in the beautiful conditions just as we were today, enjoying watching Humpback Whales off Cottesloe.

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