Humpback Whales off Fremantle

Fremantle Morning Tour

Humpback Whales off Fremantle today as our morning and afternoon tours enjoyed the company of mother whales and their enthusiastic calves. It was a beautiful day and with hardly a breeze and silky calm conditions we made our way out to the sightings grounds. Our first pods surfaced straight ahead as mother and calves moved calmly towards Rottnest Island as the little ones took in all that was happening around them. A few breaches and tail lobs were used by the pods as they communicated amongst each other and two mother and calf pods began to converge. One female in particular was beautiful as her jet black belly extended all the way to the underside of her fluke and will be a wonderful addition to our catalogue. All pods looked healthy and happy as they enjoyed each others company. The Bottlenose Dolphins came over for afternoon greetings just before we departed and looked to be enjoying the calm conditions as well.

Fremantle Afternoon Tour

The afternoon was just as lovely with a cloudy sky adding to the beauty as more Humpback Whales off Fremantle waited for us in the sighting grounds. It is all about the mothers and claves during this time of the season as they enjoy the protection of the resting grounds before continuing their journey south. The afternoon pods were relaxed and curious as they travelled with us and navigated through many pods scattered all around. Three pods began to communicate amongst each other with breaching, tail lobbing and pec slapping as the mothers encouraged their calves to communicate. Joining together we watched on as two calves showed off to each with plenty of twisting and rolling while the mothers protectively watched over their little ones. We wished them well for their afternoon ahead as we continued ours on a wonderful day with the Humpback Whales off Fremantle.

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