Humpback Whales Playing off Rottnest Island

Another eight big Humpback Whales were playing just off Rottnest Island today and everyone joined the pod, including us and the seaweed! As three separate pods became one we noticed the youngest male in the group take a very big interest in us and as he came over so did all the others, we were now surrounded by whales and couldn’t be any happier. During our time with the pod we noticed they all took a turn playing in the seaweed that was floating all around us and it is amazing to see just how sensitive their skin is and all of them seemed to enjoy a good seaweed body scrub.

We also had a mission today when we sighted an old abandoned  cray pot line floating in the worst possible place… right in the much loved seaweed! Before the inevitable could happen we managed to safely collect the rope which had certainly been floating around Rottnest Island for some time and it was a relief to have no possible entanglements caused by this old line. The Humpbacks were now free to enjoy the rest of their morning at play and Hiccups the Bottlenose Dolphin was also kind enough to come over and say hello today in the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour.

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