Humpback Whales Rottnest Island Holiday Destination

The need for the resting grounds located along our coastline are vital for the survival of calves on their very first southern migration. These sheltered and protected waters allow time for feeding, rest and play which help every Western Australian Humpback calf to grow to their full potential. One mother and calf pod were resting together quietly as we watched the gentle surface behaviour of two very relaxed whales. Mum also decided that we would make a good cover (and her calf thought we were rather interesting!) so they shuffled over for a closer look and rested just underneath our vessel during their breathing cycles, nice and safe under our sound footprint.

The lung capacity of mum is by far much greater than her calf and we often see a calf surface twice compared to every one breathe from mum. Feeling completely at home in their surrounds these two will rest here for the next 24 to 48 hours generally and then they will continue their journey south towards Antarctica. Just like our favourite holiday destinations our Humpbacks seem to revel in the peacefulness of arriving in their resting grounds and it is always a privilege spending time with them in their home, completely wild and free! Our heroes who rescue many lives every year were also busy today running drills which made quite the spectacle as they practiced safely bringing someone from the ocean back up to the helicopter

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