Humpbacks Arrive in Busselton!

A magic spring morning with perfect conditions today and our first encounter was with a mother and calf Bottlenose Dolphin and shortly after we found the rest of the family pod. They were in a very focused mode working fast and efficiently, herding the fish they had found closer together for a Saturday morning brunch! A bit further out we met Orlando Bloom…not the actor, the whale! A very curious juvenile Humpback whale who was given the nickname since it is spring time and all the flowers are blooming. He was all on his own and very interested in having a bit of a chat and social time with us.


Juvenile Humpbacks are some of the very first arrivals that we see in Geographe Bay as the southern Humpback migration begins. These younger whales are very curious often travelling on their own or with another whale of similar size and age. Our new found friend today was very interested in checking the whole boat from bow to stern and also had fun introducing himself to our guests on the back duckboards… incredibly special to be water level with the Dinosaurs Of The Deep©


Two other Humpbacks were also sighted 100 meters away with one of the younger individuals throwing two big Peduncle Slaps and warning the larger Humpback who was approaching to keep his distance! This is an exciting time as we start to welcome the southern migration of our Humpbacks to Geographe Bay and picture perfect spring days accompany these incredibly special interactions.

ID Log
Date – 3.9.16
Species – Humpback
Lat – 33 . 31. 50 Long – 115 . 14 . 49
Nickname – Orlando Bloom
Notes – Juvenile Humpback who interacted with vessel for over one hour