Humpbacks Breaching in Flinders Bay

Humpbacks Breaching in Flinders Bay as sunshine threw a glow over the pristine blue waters and our Humpback Whales broke the silence with enormous plumes of white water. A beautiful morning in Augusta as puffy clouds spread out over a blue sky as we began searching carefully for whales amongst the peaceful conditions. A light exhale directed us towards a corner of the bay and we watched and waited carefully as the minutes ticked past. The call went out to our stern and only fifty meters behind us a very young whale surfaced, he had been checking us out and made a sneaky observation of our hull by swimming directly underneath us. Only a baby, this yearling would be in the first few weeks of solo travel after spending every moment since birth alongside mum. The local Bottlenose Dolphins came over to great us at the bow and we watched on as our little fellow began to swim towards the shallows and decided on a good spot in the bay to rest for a little while with the dolphins watching carefully, almost protectively over this yearling Humpback Whale.

Moving further out and past the abalone farm we could see Humpbacks breaching in Flinders Bay as two young adults launched into a powerful display of the Language of the Whales. Breach after breach along with head lunging and pec slapping continued as both individuals put together a noisy and impressive display. One whale in particular, the young male in the pod, was launching into full barrel role breaches which certainly got the attention of the other pods close by. Just one of the other whales responded with a powerful tail lob but left these noisy two to continue on with the conversation. Seven different escort pods were sighted all around and it was exciting to see them all moving in the same direction as the northern migration called. A heavily pregnant female and her male escort decided to use our sound footprint as they repeatedly surfaced right on our bow as they moved towards the cape, hopeful to keep a low profile from the other pods in the area.

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