Humpbacks Breaching in Port of Fremantle

There were Humpbacks in the Port of Fremantle today! For the very first time we sighted two young Humpbacks breaching in the Swan River mouth creating a bit of a fuss and it certainly took us a few seconds longer than usual to understand what we were seeing. We kept a close eye on them and were relieved to see them slowly moving away from the busy channel and towards us, very soon we realized why these two whales had found themselves in the Port of Fremantle.

Curiosity was the key and we could see this loud and clear by the way these two beautiful whales approached our vessel and came so close we could see all of the baby barnacles that were covering their backs. Naturally curious, sometimes our Humpbacks can find themselves in places they shouldn’t be simply because they want to have a good look around and thankfully these two were distracted by us and eventually moved away from the busy Port of Fremantle. Three more Humpbacks had visited us earlier with another close interaction as they chased each other around the vessel as the younger male tried to capture the attention of a female who already had a male escort.

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