Humpbacks Dancing in the Rain

Humpbacks dancing in the rain on this beautiful morning as the dramatic sky set the scene for a spectacular performance of the Language of the Whales. Our first pod appeared to have had a shark bite the mother whale as a small oil slick on the surface could be observed after the mother and calf launched into aggressive surface language. Clearing the shark from the area by causing a disturbance through breaching, head lunging and tail lobbing ensured this shark wasn’t going to hang around the area anymore. The mother whale seemed fine and from the size of the oil slick it should have only been a small nip from that pesky shark which will heal up fine. The calf continued on with breaching and head lunging much to our delight as this spectacular calf danced in the rain. It was beautiful to observe and also very nice to see after a while of this activity mother and calf settle into a new spot to rest for the morning that was now shark free!

Our second pod was two mothers and their adorable calves showing off to each other as the white bellied calf perfected the tail lob and the little black bellied female calf was an expert in pectoral slapping. It was lovely to observe these two youngsters excitedly chase after each other with much twisting, turning and bumping. The mother whales curiously approached as the little ones wiggled on their mothers backs to get a better look at everyone onboard. The local Bottlenose Dolphins had begun this social interaction as their playful energy rubbed off onto the Humpback Whales. Eventually the mothers decided it was a good time to settle in for a rest after much playtime was enjoyed and we wished them well for the rest of their morning ahead. The young black bellied calf wasn’t completely finished just yet and persisted with a few more breaches to try and encourage her mum for playtime to continue on this fun filled morning.

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