Humpbacks in Perth

The very first Humpback Whales who begin the migration south once again are generally the yearlings, juveniles and young adults who have happily completed their leg of the northern migration and are now ready to begin feeding again down in Antarctica where an abundance of krill will soon await them. Their smaller bodies don’t quite have the capability of taking them to the very top of Western Australia and back again, but no need to worry because in a few years time they will have grown in size and be ready to take on the challenge after a good summer feeding on delicious krill of course!

Today we met pods of Humpbacks who were all travelling in pairs of two. A little bit of surface activity included a few breaches and tail slaps as they communicated to each other over distance which was a great example of the Language of the Whales for our guests. We then joined up with two young Humpbacks who were having a little rest and decided we were friendly looking and sleeping next to us for a little while sounded like a good idea to them. Always a wonderful moment when two large, wild whales have trust in us and are comfortable to log closely which shows the importance of respecting the whales that visit our coastlines and if you do very quickly you make new friends.

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