Humpbacks Off Cottesloe

A boisterous male Humpback greeted us with a big head lunge as his introduction today, just letting us know that the female he was with definitely was going to remain his and not ours! This male has seen an interaction with an Orca possibly in his younger days or maybe some rope as his dorsal fin had been damaged but it certainly wasn’t bothering him and both himself and his girl seemed very interested in us as they shyly circled around our vessel and we watched as the white glow of their bellies below the surface led the way.

Further along our journey we met an Australian Navy Submarine and not far away two Humpbacks in an escort pod joined us for a gentle interaction in the crystal clear waters off Cottesloe. The male and female moved in circles around us often twisting slightly to their sides to have a look at everyone onboard and it is always very humbling when a Dinosaur of the Deep wants to look back at you. After enjoying a dance next to our vessel these two lovebirds headed off to continue their adventure and journey back towards their Summer feeding grounds in Antarctica.

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