Humpbacks On The Leeuwin Current

Humpbacks On The Leeuwin Current are getting a wiggle on as the southern Humpback migration continues and our whales are starting to feel very hungry! A beautiful day greeted us as we journeyed towards the sighting grounds and all eyes scanned the glistening horizon. One of the sightings was of the beautiful vessel Leeuwin who is Australia’s largest sail-training tall ship and is absolutely magnificent to watch when out at sea. Shortly after a tall exhale erupted just to our starboard side and we slowed to meet our first lovely Humpback for the morning. He was large and rather relaxed, in cruise control as he travelled in a straight line SW and moving towards Rottnest Island at 8 knots. A beautiful whale who we enjoyed getting to know as we slipped into his rhythm and energy levels, travelling side by side and watching those magnificent tail dives.

A cheeky little calf took notice of the approaching adult and decided if mum was too busy sleeping he would stay on guard. A big plume of white water resulted as a tail lob was performed by this smart calf, a warning for the adult not to approach mum who was sleeping! Wishing our big adult well for the journey ahead, we gently approached our new little friend who popped his head up to say hello. Mum surfaced as well this time as her maximum breath hold limit had been reached by now and as she replenished oxygen she carefully approached to check us out. Happy with what she found she returned back to the depths for more sleeping as baby continued to play with seaweed as he showed off towards us, how adorable! Making the most of the opportunity, the Humpbacks on the Leeuwin current have a handy assistance as the current flows south and they can take advantage of this easier ride down the coast. 

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