Humpbacks Spy Hopping off Rottnest

Humpbacks Spy Hopping off Rottnest Island today as we met a bachelor pod of three males who decided we were welcome to Join The Pod™ and hang out with them for a while! Our first interaction was with a large adult and possible her yearling who moved quickly through the area and it wasn’t long before we realised why they were in such a hurry. Just up ahead a Humpback launched into a huge full body breach and as we moved towards the area we watched carefully to see what had caused the surface action. Two adults surfaced close by and as we admired their immense size and observed old scarring from Orca teeth on the flukes of one individual, three big shadows appeared underneath our feet. The two adults tail dived and moved out to the right and three gorgeous Humpbacks appeared metres away from our bow… hello guys!

The three individuals varied in size from juvenile to sub-adult and the biggest was a mature adult and as they twisted and turned, showing off their bellies we could identify all three were males. This cheeky bachelor pod were in the mod for some social time and spent the next hour lounging out near the bow. Humpbacks spy hopping is always an amazing behaviour to witness, especially when it is a double spy hop! The three seemed completely focused towards everyone onboard and it was a joy to spend some time with them. The typical bachelor pod behaviour continued as they showed off their bellies towards us and a little tail slap towards the others kept the mature male as leader of the pod. Wishing them well for further afternoon adventure, we cruised back towards the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour and enjoyed the impressive sight of the Submarines.

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