Humpbacks Welcome Whale Watch Western Australia

Humpbacks welcome Whale Watch Western Australia back to Augusta in our seventh season and today we were welcomed with spectacular breaching. The charm of Flinders Bay and the importance of this special place is always clear as we welcomed onboard today our Pod Members it was with much excitement we departed the Augusta Boat Harbour. The shelter of Flinders Bay is a welcome sanctuary for the migrating Humpback Whales and today dozens of individuals filled the bay and rounded the cape as the excitement of the northern migration was well underway. The first few pods were relaxed and enjoying the peacefulness of the morning ahead of them, a big swim from Antarctica to find themselves in one of their favourite holiday destinations! A gathering of five different pods created a busy morning as they began to communicate amongst each other with spectacular breaching and tail lobbing repeated over and over again.

The afternoon breeze ruffled over the bay as further pods enjoyed some relax time in the shallows as one large protective adult began to tail lob, likely the male escort of that pod. He certainly didn’t want any of the other nearby whales to approach his lovely lady as the thud of his enormous fluke echoed all around. It gained the attention of two youngsters close by who also began to breach and head lunge in the afternoon sunshine as the communication amongst them all continued. The breeze settled and a stillness surrounded Augusta as distant rain clouds grew on the horizon. A juvenile was tail slapping in the shallows and curiously approached us, showing some interest but still shy as this young whale begins his or her journey on the Humpback highway. 

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