Hungry Blues

Another fantastic day of exploration and discovery in the magnificent Perth Canyon! We had the privilege of meeting another two hungry Blue Whales as they filled their bellies full of krill hidden hundreds of kilometres underneath us. Our first meeting was with a younger individual who kept a very fast paced tempo whilst feeding and had the most beautiful mottled pattern along his flanks. Shortly afterwards another magnificent Blue was sighted and this individual was substantially bigger.

Perhaps he was not as voraciously hungry as his younger neighbour or maybe he was enjoying a casual Saturday morning brunch, but this Blue decided to take a few moments in-between dives to venture over and slowly check us all out and wonder why we weren’t joining in with the krill extravaganza below! This allowed the perfect opportunity to see and hear the size of this incredible mammal as he passed by, the exhalation of air from his car sized lungs sounded like a rocket and the glow of his beautiful skin below the surface lit up the ocean with blue, a perfect example of how these wonderful whales got their name.

Fantastic interactions with a family pod of cow/calf Common Dolphins, a quick sighting of 8-10 juvenile Sunfish basking on the surface, interactive pod of 30+ Bottlenose Dolphins and many beautiful Seabirds added to our fantastic day out in the Perth Canyon. One lucky guest captured the fleeting moment a small Blue Shark leapt into the air and landed with a big splash after missing his intended target, a perfect example why always keeping a close lookout has its benefits!