Hunt Like an Orca

Today we were one step ahead of the Orca and they were fashionably late! To be with the Orca you must hunt like an Orca and we were a little bit excited to get the party started and found ourselves 20 minutes ahead of schedule in the exact location that the Orca would begin travelling towards in half an hour. Doubling back we could see the Orca moving in from the east and big male Chalky approached us to say good morning as he travelled alongside some of the females from B-Slices pod who began to charge ahead. Travelling right alongside us for a few nautical mile it was beautiful to watch their streamlined movement and hear their powerful exhalations. Responding to Chalky who was now a little way behind us females Razor and Slug began to tail slap right next to us, the enormous thud was distinct and sent a strong message to the males. Just up ahead a familiar male surfaced on our bow, the charming El Notcho and his family were being surrounded by Pilot Whales who also came charging from the east in a hurry. EL Notcho and family disappeared for a short time as we enjoyed the company of brand new baby Pilot Whales most likely having arrived some time just before or after the super moon. Our beautiful day completed with Cookie, Oreo, Kalimna, Spock and Swirl with Swirl deciding to approach us belly up to get a better view of everyone looking back down at her… she is a very social lady!

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