Hunting with Bremer Bay Orca

Hunting with Bremer Bay Orca is exciting and educational as the matriarch of the family pod displays hunting tactics and immense intelligence amongst the family. Today we cruised out to the Patch and within five minutes of arriving faint oil slicks could be sighted on the surface. Following the breadcrumb trail and scanning carefully it wasn’t long before the distinctive jet black dorsal fins broke the calm waters surface and the call of Orca went out across the boat. A very exciting moment as the entire family began to swim straight towards us and we could easily recognise the unique dorsal fins of the matriarch Cookie and the very large El Notcho swimming alongside pod members including Swirl, Spock and little Oreo. It was amusing to watch as the younger calf Oreo began to surge as he was left behind exploring and had to quickly catch up with the family.

It was hunting time and we settled in for a morning of hunting with Bremer Bay Orca as they took us on a rhythmic and consistent journey through the Patch as the steady echolocation dives continued. Swimming right through one of the original oil slicks sighted, it appeared that breakfast had been enjoyed already a few hours ago and now brunch was on the menu. It was very special to spend time swimming alongside these apex predators and observe the coordination amongst the family to continue the hunt. A tough day in the food department, it appeared that the earlier morning meal was going to need to last them until later on this evening. Consistency is key though and we know this special Orca family will be successful in finding a meal very soon as they continued on with their afternoon of foraging and we wished them well.

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